Western Hero Books

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Western hero books and Hollywood often describe the famous cowboys as brave, courageous, moral, law abiding and honorable. Here you find western hero collectible books, price guides, coloring books and paint books. There were 100s of western hero’s some of my favorite are Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Wild Bill Hickok, Davy Crockett, Gene Autry, Tom Mix, Buffalo Bill Carson, Tim McCoy, Red Rider, Dale Evans, Rocky Lane, Cisco Kid and Zorro.

Hopalong Cassidy Book - Western Hero Books
Hopalong Cassidy: King of the Cowboy Merchandisers – Western Hero Books

Roy Rogers was known as “King of the Cowboys” but the “King of the Cowboy Merchandiser” was Hopalong Casidy. From 1949 to 1952 hundred manufacturers were producing Hopalong Cassidy licensed products. In the last few years Hoppy has found renewed interest among collectors.

Roy Rogers Coloring Book - Western Hero Books
Roy Rogers Coloring Book – Western Hero Books