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The J. & E. Stevens Company was founded in 1843 by blacksmith John Stevens and his brother Elisha Stevens in Cromwell, Connecticut. The company was established to manufacture cast iron hardware, hammers and simple iron toys. Steven produced “Firecracker” pistols in 1859, cast iron banks in 1869, cast iron cap guns about 1880 and diecast cap guns after World War II. The J. & E. Stevens Company produced many other types of toys, including toys stoves and cannons. By 1928 it devoted itself exclusively to the production of cap pistols. The company closed due to material shortages during the Second World War. J. & E. Stevens Company sold to the Buckley Brothers of New York and produced cap guns there until 1959.

The Lion - Stevens Cast Iron Cap Gun

For more than 100 years J. & E. Stevens Co. made cap pistols and was considered the birthplace of the mechanical toy bank. Early Stevens cast iron cap guns included the Pea Pellet (1886), Buffalo Bill, Bulls Eye, Jumbo, Challenge, Cowboy King, Sheriff, Peacemaker, 1890 Stevens Sea Serpent, Stevens 25-50, Stevens 25 Jr., Clip, Clip Jr., Hero, Stevens Hammerless, Spit Fire, Pawnee Bill, Scout, Big Scout, 6 Shot, Texas Ranger, Hi-Ranger, Pinto, Stevens 45 and the 49-ER.

Stevens Six Shot Cast Iron Cap Guns
Stevens Six Shot Cast Iron Cap Guns

1924 Stevens Cast Iron Cap Guns Catalog
1924 Stevens Cast Iron Cap Guns & toy Ban Catalog