Plastic Cap Guns

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Before it was politically incorrect for young children to point pistols at each other, cap gun was in every child’s toy chests. They have been made of wood, cast iron and die-cast zinc and some were made entirely of plastic. Plastic toy Cap Guns are made similar to cast iron and diecast cap guns. Most vintage plastic cap guns seem to be made by Marx. Below is one made by Hubley Manufacturing Company.

Hubley Winner Plastic Cap Guns
Rare Hubley Winner Plastic Cap Gun

Plastic Cap Guns features a real trigger and hammer action. Plastic Cap Guns are beautifully detailed replicas inspired by the guns of Western Legends such as Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry, Hopalong Casidy and the Lone Ranger just to name a few. Plastic cap guns sets come with two large replica cap guns, two holsters, a belt and a shiny silver Texas Ranger Badge.

Marx Repeater Plastic Cap Guns
Marx Repeater Plastic Cap Gun

1940s 1950s Rare Red Louis Marx Toy Company Hard Plastic Repeater Toy Cap Gun Pistol With original Box. The cap gun body is made of plastic. The hammer and magazine are made of diecast metal. It is 9 1/2 inches long.

Plastic Cap Guns
Plastic Cap Guns