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Nichols Industries, Inc. was started in Pasadena, Texas by Talley Nichols and Lewis W. Nichols in 1946 right after World War II. The Nichols bros. wanted to manufacture something and after several ideas the idea was proposed that they make toy cap guns. Ultimately the company became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cap guns. In 1954 Nichols moved their manufacturing plant to Jackson, Texas. In 1962 Nichols Industries sold out to Kusan Toys (Jacksonville, Texas) in 1965 and made cap guns under the name Nichols/Kusan then just Kusan.

1946 Silver Pony Nichols Cap Guns
1946 Silver Pony Nichols Cap Guns

The 1946 Silver Pony Nichols Cap Guns was the first single shot model cap gun made by Nichols Industries. The also produced in the late 1940s another cap called the Silver Mustang which was a double action repeater using roll caps.

Stallion 32 Nichols Cap Guns
Stallion 32 six Shooter Nichols Cap Guns

Popular Nichols Cap Guns included the Silver Pony, Silver Mustang, Stallion 45, Stallion 38, Stallion 32, Stallion 22, Colt Special, Pony, Dyna-Mite, Spit-Fire Rifle, Stallion 300 Saddle Rifle, Stallion 41-40, Pinto, Mustang 500, F-500 Fury Machine Gun, Chrome Cow-Tyke, Nichols Model 94 Carbine, Detective 250, Tophand 250, Stallion 250, Stallion 61, Cowhand, Derringer, Model 95 Rifle, Detective, Buccaneer, Cowpuncher, Brave, Rancho, Colt 45, Tommy Gun and Nichols Mustang 250.