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Founded in 1945 Mattel is an American toy manufacturing company located in El Segundo, CA that also produced many different die cast cap guns. The company was formed by Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler. Mattel cap guns became popular when about 1955 when they started advertising on the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. They were the first company to direct advertising to the child rather than adults and it worked. Created by Walt Disney the Mickey Mouse Club was an American variety television show that ran from 1955 to 1996.

Mattel Shootin Shell .45 Cap Gun
Mattel Shootin Shell .45 Cap Gun

Mattel Fanner Cap Gun
Mattel Fanner Cap Gun and Holster, Buckle Gun and Greenie Caps

Popular Mattel cap guns included the Shootin’ Shell .45 shown above, Shootin Shell .45 Vigilante, Fanner 50, Fanner 50 Marshal, Fanner 50 Ramrod, Buckle Gun, Lone Ranger, Snub Nose 38 and Rango. Mattel rifle cap guns included the Mattel Colt Shootin Shell Six Shooter Cap Gun Rifle, “Crackfire” Winchester rifle, Rolling Block Rifle, Indian Scout Rifle, Lone Ranger Rifle, and “Winchester” Saddle Gun. Several machine guns were made by Mattel and they were the “Grease Gun” Sub Machine Gun, Guerilla Tommy Gun, Tommy Gun, Tommy Burp Machine Gun and Dick Tracy Tommy Burst Cap Gun.