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Louis Marx and Company was founded in 1919 by toy salesman Louis Marx and his brother David Marx of New York, NY. At first Louis Marx contracted toy production to established factories. All early Marx toys had a circular logo with a big X behind the letters MAR. During the 1930s Great Depression Louis Marx opened factories in Erie, PA, Girard, PA and Glen Dale, WV. By the 1950s Louis Marx and Co. became the largest toy manufacturer in the United States. During the 1940s 1950s and 1960s Marx produced may outstanding toy cap guns. Louis Marx sold his toy company in 1972 at the age of 76.

Marx Wanted Dead or Alive Cap Gun
Marx “Mare’s Laig” Rifle Pistol Wanted Dead or Alive

Marx Johnny Ringo Marx Cap Guns
Johnny Ringo Marx Cap Guns

Popular Marx cap guns included the Zorro, Johnny Ringo, Lone Ranger, Roundup Time at the Circle X Ranch cap gun and rifle, The Thundergun, Ponderosa, cap gun and rifle, Ranger, Wyatt Earp, Mini Derringer, Colt 45 Peacemaker, Civil War Cap Gun by Marx, Marx Detective Gun and 1911 Army. Marx produced many rifle cap guns including the following Cowboy Rifle, Hopalong Cassidy plastic rifle, Sharps Rifle, Maverick Rifle, Davy Crockett Rifle, Rin Tin Tin Rifle, Lone Ranger Rifle, Lone Ranger Repeating Cap Rifle, Big Horn Rifle, Roy Rogers Big Game Rifle, Roy Rogers Rifle, Wanted Dead or Alive Rifle, Roy Rogers Winchester Rifle Model 71, Johnny Yuma Rebel Scattergun, Marx Double Barreled Shotgun, Cavalry Carbine and Military M1 Garand Repeater.