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Featured in this article are the toy cap guns made by The Leslie-Henry Company of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. They produced toy cap guns and sold them under their name and for major distributors like Halco. In the 1950s Leslie-Henry packaged 11 piece Texas Ranger outfits that consisted of 50 shot repeater rifle, 2 50 shot cap guns, 2 leather holsters, 2 hand cuffs, 2 spurs and a bandana.

Leslie-Henry Texas Ranger Gun and Holster Set
Leslie-Henry Texas Ranger Outfit Gun and Holster Set

Leslie-Henry Gene Autry 44 Cap Gun
Leslie-Henry Gene Autry 44 Cap Gun Box

Leslie-Henry Gene Autry 44 Cap Gun
Leslie-Henry Gene Autry 44 Cap Gun

Popular Leslie-Henry Cap Guns included the 11-piece Texas Ranger outfit shown above, Gene Autry 44, Bonanza, U.S. Marshal 44, Wild Bill Hickok 44, Lone Ranger, Ranger, Wyatt Earp, Texas “77” Smoker, Young Buffalo Bill, Texas, Derringer, Hopalong, Wild Bill Hickok, Matt Dillon Longhorn, Cavalry Model, Bonanza, Champion, Gene Autry, Gene Autry .44, Texas Ranger, Texas Ranger .44, Maverick, Wagon Train, Laramie, Annie Oakley Cap Gun, Marshal, Davy Crockett, Lone Rider, Smoky Joe, Paladin, Gunsmoke, Matt Dillon, Wagon Train, Longhorn and Forty Niner.

Popular Leslie-Henry Rifle Cap Guns included the Wagon Train Scout Rifle, Wagon Train Rifle, Flying “A” Ranch Gene Autry Rifle, Texas Ranger Rifle, Crispus Attucks Rifle, Rifleman, Secret Agent Style 5-in-1 Cap Gun/Rifle Combo and U.S. Secret Agent Cap Gun/Rifle Set.