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The Kilgore Manufacturing Company of Westerville, Ohio was once the world’s largest producer of toy cap guns and the caps they used. Joseph Kilgore founded the business in Homestead, PA in 1917. By 1919 Kilgore moved his business to Westerville, Ohio and expanded it by leaps and bounds. By the 1930s The Kilgore Manufacturing Company was producing 25,000 cap guns and 100,000 rolls of caps each day. In the 1960 the company closed it’s doors.

Kilgore Six Shooter Cap Gun
Kilgore Six Shooter Cap Gun – A multi-shot, double action pistol that uses disc caps

Popular Kilgore Cast Iron Cap Guns included Kilgore Big Bill, Kilgore Machine Pistol, Kilgore G-Man, Kilgore Rex, Premier Safety, Invincible, Mascot, Kilgore Buster, Fargo Express, The Trooper, The Federal Kilgore, Kilgore President, Kilgore Bang and Kilgore Border Patrol.

Kilgore Fargo Express Cap Gun
Kilgore Pinto Cap Gun

Early Kilgore cap guns were made of cast iron. Kilgore cap guns made of die cast zinc, Bakelite and plastic can also be found. Popular Kilgore Cap Guns included the Roy Rogers, Kilgore Deputy Cap Gun, Detective Style Bobcat, Buck, Mustang, Bronco, Pinto, Ranger, Eagle, Billy The Kid, Warrior, Kilgore Laramie Jr., Tiny Tot, Kilgore Sharpshooter, Champion Fast Draw, Roy Rogers Shootin’ Iron, Pal, Kilgore Fastest Gun, Lone Ranger, Kit Carson, Kilgore Hawkeye, Avenger, Kilgore American, Kilgore Buc-a-Roo, Wyatt Earp, Kilgore Big Horn, Long Tom, Kilgore Rebel, Cheyenne, Kilgore Six Shooter, Kilgore Grizzly, Kilgore Die-Cast Private Eye and Kilgore Mountie.

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