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The Hubley Manufacturing Company of Lancaster, PA was first incorporated in 1894 by John Hubley and produced a wide range of cast iron, zinc alloy and plastic toy cap guns. The first Hubley toy cap guns appeared in 1909 and were made of cast iron. In the 1930s the company began making diecast zinc alloy cap guns. The company also made some cap guns in plastic. In 1965 the Hubley Manufacturing Company was acquired by the Lido Toy Company and by the mid-1970s was out of business. Hubley toy cap guns are now sought after collectibles especially in cast iron and diecast zinc.

1929 Hubley Cap Gun
1929 Hubley Cap Gun Advertisement

Hubley single shot cast iron cap guns include the 201 Rodeo, 207 Caddy, 209 Chief, 212 Buldog, 218 Safety, Eagle, Trooper, Tiger, Patrol, 1930 Yanki Boy, 1940s Cast Iron Winner, 1940s Smoky Joe, Hub, Cop and Daisy.

Hubley Cap Guns and Holsters
Hubley Cap Guns – Double Holster Set With Aqua Grips.

Popular Hubley Cap Guns included Colt 45, Texan 45, Texan Jr. Texan 38, Tex, Gold Jubileers, Remington 36, Cowboy, Cowboy Classic, Hubley Mountie, Model 1860 Cal .44, Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, 1911 Champ, Hubley Dagger Derringer, Hubley Smokey, Hubley Dandy, Ranger, Cowpoke, Hubley Hawk, Hubley Rodeo, Hubley Marshal, Wyatt Earp, The Tall Man, Hubley Pet, Hubley Panther, Trooper, Hubley Automatic Pistol, Army 45, Pioneer, Hubley Pirate Gun, Hubley Dick, Sniper Long Barrel, Hubley Coyote, Panther Pistol Derringer, Hubley Sure-Shot, Pal, Remington 36 Short Barrel, Wyatt Earp Buntline Special, Star, Colt 38, Ric-O-Shay, Deputy and Flip.

Cap firing Rifles include the Sharp Shooter, Davy Crockett, The Rifleman, Hubley Frontier Rifle, Frontier, Hubley Lone Ranger Rifle, Hubley Western Scout Rifle, Scout, Kelly’s Rifle, Sportsman, Hubley Flintlock, Flintlock Jr. and Flintlock Midget.