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The J. Halpern Company (Halco) of Pittsburg, PA was known as a high volume distributor for cap guns. They sold high quality cap guns that were made by other manufacturing company’s. Most of their cap guns had the Halco name or an H within a diamond on the handle.

Halco Cap Guns - Texan Holster Set
Halco Cap Guns – Texan Holster Set With Ranger Cap Gun

Shown above is a Halco 5 piece Texan Holster set. The set consisted of 2 nickel plated die-cast Ranger cap guns, fringed holsters, nickel plated belt buckle and belt. The holster and belt are made of laminate of plastic and cardboard. Note the beautiful root-beer colored horse head grips.

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Halco Cap Gun - Texan Holster Set
Halco Texan Holster Set With Ranger Cap Gun

Popular Halco Cap Guns included the Halco Maverick, Halco (Leslie-Henry) Wagon Train Scout cap gun/rifle, Wagon Train cap gun, Wagon Train cap gun/rifle, Derringer, Small Derringer, Maverick Derringer, Tex, Trooper, Davy Crockett, Pistol Cane, Deputy, Captain Gallant, Paladin, Smoky Joe, Wells Fargo, Marshall, Texas, Young Buffalo Bill, Bonanza Cap Gun, Texas Ranger, Bilko, Gunsmoke, Texan, Texas Tom, Laramie, Matt Dillon, Buffalo Bill and Pinto Cap Gun. Halco rifles include Bonanza Rifle, Wagon Train Rifle, Rifleman Rifle and Texas Ranger Rifle.