Esquire / Actoy Cap Guns

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The Esquire Novelty Company was located in Jersey City, NJ and later moved to Amsterdam, NY or the other way around. They made cap guns and cap gun holster sets. A company called Actoy seems to be connected with The Esquire Novelty Company. Esquire and Actoy cap guns seem to have the same features such as the “Horses Head” logo on the cap gun handle.

Esquire Cap Guns
Esquire Cap Guns With Horses Head Logo

Esquire Cap Guns Pony Boy
Esquire Cap Guns call Pony Boy

Popular Esquire / Actoy cap guns include Wells Fargo, The Riflegun, Lone Ranger, Hideaway Derringer, Pony, Wyatt Earp Buntline Special, Spitfire, Lone Ranger, Actoy 250, Buckeroo, Restless Gun, Restless Gun 38, Rin Tin Tin Cap Gun and Rin Tin Tin Buntline Special. Popular Esquire / Actoy cap gun sets include Esquire / Actoy cap guns sets include Blue/Gray set, Shotgun Slade set, Johnny Ringo sets, Pony Boy Double Set, Pony Boy set, Wyatt Earp set, Johnny Ringo Sets, Wells Fargo Double Holster Set, Tales of Wells Fargo Set, Pony Boy Double Set and Restless Gun/Rifle Set. The Actoy Company seems to have make and sold a lot of Lone Ranger Cap Guns.