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The term diecast (or die cast, or die-cast) refers to Cap Guns made using the die casting method. Early (1700s) toy guns were made of wood and early (late 1800s) cap guns were made of cast iron. Die cast toy cap guns were first produced in the early 1900s. The first company to produce die-cast toys including cap guns was Tootsietoy based in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1920s. Tootsietoy is America’s oldest toy Company and date back to the 1890s. By 1920 the name Tootsie was being used as a brand name for most of their toys. In 1924 Tootsietoy was registered as a trade mark. The company still produces toys today including American West brand diecast cap guns.

Buffalo Bill Diecast Cap Guns
Buffalo Bill Diecast Cap Guns

The first diecast Cap Guns were made of a lead alloy. In the 1930s diecast toy cap guns used an alloy of zinc with small quantities of aluminum and copper. This alloy was commonly call Zamak and is also referred to as white metal or pot metal. The most common die-cast toys are scale models of automobiles, aircraft, construction equipment, trains and cap guns.


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