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Find here some of the leading books on collecting cap guns, cap gun rifles, and vintage cap boxes. Some are out of print and most are the “bible of Cap Gun Collecting”, pricing guides or valuation guides of the vintage cap gun hobby. Your source for Cap Gun Books.

Collecting Western Toy Guns - Cap Gun Books

Collecting Western Toy Guns – by Jim Schleyer

This new collectors reference guide is for all the “backyard buckaroos” past and present. Well illustrated and loaded with information, descriptions and current values for toy pistols, rifles, holsters, spurs, badges, and much more on Cap Gun Books.


Television's Cowboys, Gunfighters and Their Cap Pistols

Television’s Cowboys, Gunfighters and Their Cap Pistols – by Rudy D’Angelo

I thought I knew everything about people I have known for years, but this book starts conversations into childhood favorites that are truly enlightening and very enjoyable. A must have for anyone who has every watched a TV western of owned a cap gun.


Cap Guns With Values

Cap Guns With Values – by James L. Dundas

This new book is everything the toy gun collector could ever wish for, with over 600 full-color photographs of cap guns and gun accessories and a current value guide! Cap guns have been mass-produced since the post-Civil War era, made of wood, lead and iron.


Cowboy Cap Guns and Guitars

Cowboy Cap Guns and Guitars: Collector’s Digest, Price Guide – by Jerrell Little

The toys that led thousands of young children into backyard shoot’em-ups are now the subject of reminiscing for many toy and Old West collectors. Pin-sized pistols with accessories and cowboy campfire guitars are the subjects within this price guide. One of the great Cap Gun Books on the market.