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Cast Iron Die Cast Cap Pistols Toy Cap Guns

Vintage Toy Cap Guns have been entertaining children for generations and today are a very popular collectibles. There are thousands of different types of Vintage and modern cap guns available for sale here. Collectors can find them in a variety of themes, styles, makes and materials such as cast iron and diecast alloys. Most modern cap gun models are made of bright colored plastic.

Vintage and modern cap guns are made to look and sound like real firearms produced yesterday and today. There are many different toy cap guns to choose from. Some costing just a few dollars to well over $1,000.00. Some collectors collect the vintage cap guns just for their appearance or sentimental value. As children we just loved to play with them.

Young Cowboy

Most cap guns were loaded with a shock sensitive explosive compounds (about 2mm in diameter) that provide the noise and smoke. When the trigger is pulled on a cap gun a spring loaded hammer strikes the cap with a bang and a gun powder smell. Some cap gun caps are arranged in plastic rings of eight or twelve. There are also single caps, roll caps (in rolls of 50 to 500) and disk caps. Roll caps are the most popular caps and cap guns that use them are the most popular.

Cap Guns and Caps

The primary explosive in all cap gun caps is call Armstrong’s mixture. It’s primary ingredients are red phosphorus, potassium chlorate and potassium perchlorate sandwiched between two paper layers which hold in the gases long enough to give a sound bang when the cap is struck. Armstrong’s mixture is used in extremely small quantities on the paper caps.

Lone Ranger Cap Guns

When choosing vintage cap guns most collectors tend to buy based on models named after famous people such as Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger or Hopalong Cassidy. Some collectors buy specific manufacturers such as Hubley, Stevens, Kilgore or Kenton. Others buy only vintage cap guns made of cast iron. What ever you purchase, evaluate a collector cap gun’s condition and if it is working order. The ideal antique cap gun is one that has never been fired.


Cast Iron Die Cast Cap Pistols Toy Cap Guns